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Walk & Talk Therapy

Therapy doesn’t have to be confined to an office space and a couch! In fact, sometimes just the act of moving can do wonders for loosening up tightly held thoughts and emotions. I believe in the healing properties of nature and the lessons nature can teach us about resiliency – and, well, healing can take place anywhere. So, if you think this would be a beneficial alternative for you, let me know and we’ll figure out a convenient, secure, and peaceful trail to do our sessions. I offer walk and talk sessions in all of Arizona’s beautiful seasons (Winter, Spring, and Fall) – in the summer, however, we’ll return to indoor sessions.

Benefits of Walk & Talk therapy: Promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Walking releases endorphins (happy hormones!), calms our minds, increases blood and oxygen circulation, releases tension, reduces stress and anxiety, and enhances mindfulness - which can lead to deeper insight, resilience, growth, and healing.

When we’re walking side by side, we're also not making eye contact - for some people this makes it easier to ‘open up.’ And don’t worry, we’ll walk at whatever pace is comfortable for you! Just wear appropriate shoes, please. And if walking isn’t your thing but you still want to meet outside, no problem! We can sit at a park or trailhead for our session instead.

*Available in Arizona near my office zipcode and weather permitting Nov-April

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