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Holistic Individual Therapy for Women


We all need support at times. Having a compassionate space for yourself where you can unpack, process, learn tools, and feel seen and understood can be life changing. We take a holistic and integrative approach to therapy which means we consider not just mental and emotional health but also social, physical, nutritional, and even spiritual health in whatever ways that applies to you and your goals.

Mental Health Professionals


It can be challenging to find a therapist we connect with and feel comfortable with - especially for those who work in the mental health profession. It can be even harder for those who work in private practice or virtually as we're even more isolated from support systems or colleagues. Compassion fatigue, burnout, anxiety, as well as juggling our businesses and personal lives can eventually weigh heavy on us. If you're in need of support, reach out! We're here to help.



Learning how to communicate is key to transforming relationship conflict. This is true even for the relationship we have with ourselves. We can be very hard on ourselves which can create insecurity or anxiety in our relationships. Women are also often caretakers by nature and can easily get stuck in 'people-pleasing' mode, denying our own needs or interests. If you're struggling in any particular relationship (partner, parent, adult child, etc) we often invite our clients to bring guests into a few sessions to see if we can offer tools to help improve communication or resolve conflict.



We offer in-person sessions in our office in Scottsdale. If you don't find a time in our calendar that works for you, feel free to reach out and let us know what times work best for you and we'll see if we can accommodate.

We also offer video (online) sessions throughout all of Arizona.

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