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Choosing the right therapist matters


Why holistic therapy? A guiding principle in my own life and work is that by tending to our whole selves, rather than just our mental health, we will experience a greater sense of wellness, or balance, in our lives. Happiness can be fleeting, but wellness can be with us even in our darkest pain. Suffering does not make us broken - it makes us human. In fact, our inner wounds, our anxieties, our fears are often pointing us in the direction of what needs our attention. It's our greatest gift to listen and allow our suffering to guide us back into balance. 

Watercolor Butterfly 12
Watercolor Butterfly 12

Learning how to communicate is key to transforming relationship conflict. This is true even for the relationship we have with ourselves. We can be very mean to ourselves, punishing even - we believe (or are taught to believe) we aren't good enough just as we are - that we need to be different, look different, be stronger, do more. As natural caretakers, we want to please others, but can easily get stuck in 'people-pleasing' mode, denying our own needs, and wake up one day having lost our voice. Guilt and shame seem to attach themselves to us like velcro. Anxiety and stress become a constant and steady stream.

Therapy can be an incredible resource and the benefits of therapy can last a lifetime. In therapy with me, we will look at all your 'tanks' - mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. And one by one learn how to fill them back up. I strongly believe as women we are deeply intuitive beings but our modern world leads us further and further away from that resource. Collaborative and supportive therapy can help promote that healing and help lead you back to you.

Some issues I can help with:

  • Life transitions

  • Worry/Anxiety/Stress/Burnout

  • Menopause/Aging

  • Relationships/Communication

  • Marriage/Divorce

  • People-Pleasing/Perfectionism

  • Grief & Loss

  • Self-worth/Inner critic

  • Loss of meaning or purpose

  • Emptiness/Loneliness

  • Body Image

  • Emotional Eating/Chronic Dieting

  • ADHD

  • Women's issues

Ready to get started?



Stacey Krueger Therapy

Online (Arizona residents only)

Stacey K Therapy, Phoenix AZ

Walk and Talk (Oct-May)

Walk & Talk Therapy Phoenix, Arizona

Online Therapy

For online therapy, I'm able to work with anyone in the state of Arizona. In order to protect your privacy, I use an online platform that is secure and confidential. All you need is a quiet, comfortable place to hold the session, a computer (or smart phone) with a camera and microphone, and access to a strong internet connection. Payment is due at the time of the session and all other fees and policies apply. Online (also called Telehealth) talk therapy is a wonderful alternative to in-person - it's convenient and many people report feeling more comfortable being in their own personal space during sessions.

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