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Are you struggling with a loss?

  • Has someone close to you passed away? A family member, friend, or a beloved pet?

  • Are you going through a divorce or break up that has left you feeling scared, lost, or alone?

  • Have you experienced a recent job loss, or maybe recently retired and feel uncertain or worried about the future?

  • Have you lost touch with yourself? Lost a sense of meaning or direction in your life? Or perhaps mourning the physical health or mobility you once had?

  • Have your parents recently gotten divorced and find yourself experiencing a loss of security or family structure?

  • Are you mourning for your freedom or old lifestyle since becoming a new parent? Or perhaps the kids have recently all moved out and you're experiencing an 'empty nest' for the first time?

  • Have you lost a sense of security or no longer feel safe in the world?

Grief and loss come in many forms and often involve complicated and confusing emotions. 

Your grief is valid and important - and is a normal response to loss - and it can be overwhelming and exhausting. It can leave you feeling disoriented - adapting to change or new realities is hard. It's important to have support to help you navigate and process it. This can be especially challenging if you're now alone for the first time after losing a spouse, have a full time job, or have children or other family members relying on you as a caretaker while you're mourning or grieving.

Please know, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It takes incredible strength and courage to be vulnerable - to openly acknowledge hurt and pain. We aren't born knowing how to cope with the level of heartache life can bring us. Our natural instinct is to distract or numb ourselves, or stuff it all down. Healing is absolutely possible, but getting there can be so very hard. I can help. You don't have to put on a brave face and suffer through this alone.

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