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Stacey Krueger, LAC, NCC

Hi, I’m Stacey K - I’m a board-certified therapist in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in women’s mental health. I help women foster compassionate curiosity about themselves and develop skills to navigate whatever life is throwing their way.

I operate from a positive, strengths-based, wellness-focused perspective and believe happiness comes from a place of balance. Minimizing the impact of limiting beliefs, or negative critical self-talk, allows us to experience deeper more compassionate relationships with ourselves and others, and allows us a deeper sense of resiliency. This includes how we move and nourish ourselves, our relationships, our creative and spiritual outlets, and really examining our daily rituals, habits and practices.

I love what I do. It's a honor to walk with clients on their journey of self-discovery. I believe people matter. YOU matter. You deserve to take up space, and you deserve to feel joy. Sometimes we just need a little extra support getting there.

Wellness to me is a state of positive well-being that integrates attending to our mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual selves, in whatever way fits.

Let’s find what works for you.

Stacey Krueger, LAC, NCC

Side Note: You can learn more about my therapeutic approach here (if you haven't already read that page). I just want to add that I come from a creative/artistic background so including art and other forms of creative expression in therapy appeals to me, and I highly encourage it! Whether that's sharing music, drawings, journaling, talking deeply about a film or show you watched or a book you recently read, etc - bring it! Diversity, uniqueness, and how you express yourself is important to me. I'm also working on adding Sandtray training and therapy to my in-person office sessions as I believe this to be a wonderfully creative way to access some of those more hidden parts of ourselves.



Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona (LPC-22793); National Certified Counselor (1583926) 


MA, Counseling, Adams State University; MA, English Literature, Sam Houston State; BS, Psychology/Sociology, University of Houston

Advanced Certifications/Trainings

CBT, ACT, ADHD, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma, Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP)

Professional Affiliations

National Board of Certified Counselors, Arizona Hospice of the Valley Volunteer

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