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Stacey Krueger Therapy

Stacey Krueger, LAC, NCC

Hi, I’m Stacey K - I’m a board-certified therapist in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in women’s mental health. I help women foster compassionate curiosity about themselves and develop skills to navigate whatever life is throwing their way.

I operate from a positive, strengths-based, wellness-focused perspective and believe happiness comes from a place of balance. Minimizing the impact of limiting beliefs, or negative critical self-talk, allows us to experience deeper more compassionate relationships with ourselves and others, and allows us a deeper sense of resiliency. This includes how we move and nourish ourselves, our relationships, our creative and spiritual outlets, and really examining our daily rituals, habits and practices.

I love what I do. It's a honor to walk with clients on their journey of self-discovery. I believe people matter. YOU matter. You deserve to take up space, and you deserve to feel joy. Sometimes we just need a little extra support getting there.

Wellness to me is a state of positive well-being that integrates attending to our mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual selves, in whatever way fits.

Let’s find what works for you.

Arizona therapist

Stacey Krueger, LAC, NCC

Side Note: You can learn more about my therapeutic approach here (if you haven't already read that page). I just want to add that I come from a creative/artistic background so including art and other forms of creative expression in therapy appeals to me, and I highly encourage it! Whether that's sharing music, drawings, journaling, talking deeply about a film or show you watched or a book you recently read, etc - bring it! Diversity, uniqueness, and how you express yourself is important to me. I'm also working on adding Sandtray training and therapy to my in-person office sessions as I believe this to be a wonderfully creative way to access some of those more hidden parts of ourselves.



Licensed Associate Counselor in Arizona (LAC-20049); National Certified Counselor (1583926) Supervisor: Marisa Lombardi, LPC


MA, Counseling, Adams State University; MA, English Literature, Sam Houston State; BS, Psychology/Sociology, University of Houston

Advanced Certifications/Trainings

CBT, ACT, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma, Disordered Eating, Certified Holistic and Integrative Wellness, and Mindfulness Counseling

Professional Affiliations

American Counseling Assoc; National Board of Certified Counselors, Arizona Hospice of the Valley Volunteer

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